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Our Identity

Since 1958, Brooklyn Teen Challenge has impacted the streets of Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs. Our reach is global now with over 1,400 centers around the world.



Who We Are

Teen Challenge is the largest faith based addiction program with 35,000 beds globally. Founded in 1958, we have been serving this community in Brooklyn for almost 60 years. Clink the link to learn more about our program and leadership.



What we do

We focus on Biblical Principles and depend on years of experience to walk people to freedom. We are a little like a family, a little like a school, and a little like a boot camp. What is most important is that we are in it together.



How we do it

Addiction is an outward manifestation of inward issues. In a new and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and developing character qualities, lives are transformed, families restored, and addictions lose their power.