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Week 3 - (Aug. 6 - Aug. 12)

Chapters 11-14 Overview

  • Balancing the Spiritual and the Strategic
  • Connect
  • Grow
  • Serve


  • Read each chapter. 
  • Answer all interactive questions and place the answers in your binder.
  • Take Test Yourself quizzes on a separate sheet of paper and place in your binder.
  • Follow weekly Scripture reading plan.
    • 1 John, 2 John, 3 John; Jude; Revelation 1-9
    • Psalms 99-105
    • Watch any Scripture video(s) linked below.
  • Watch the video(s) below.
  • Write a 1-2 (or longer) page paper about Revive NYC. Click the link below to be taken to their website, Facebook page, and other resource links to help you learn about the church. Feel free to google the church and find more information. You can use the following as a guide:
    • What is the church's mission statement?
    • What is the church's core values?
    • How does the church function as a church and how do they engage the local community?
    • Who does the church reach and what is their church make-up?
    • How does/doesn't the church fulfill the 5 Functions mentioned in Chapter 1 of our textbook?




- Revive NYC Vimeo

Scripture Videos