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WEEK 2 - (Feb 3 - Feb 9)

Chapters 4-6 Overview

  • Circles of Literary Context

  • Word Meanings and Relationships

  • Principles about Language


  • Read each chapter. Watch the corresponding teaching videos on the Global University Website, which you can access via the link below.

  • Answer all interactive questions and place the answers in your binder.

  • Take Test Yourself quizzes on a separate sheet of paper and place in your binder.

  • Watch the Supplemental Videos below and complete the following:

    • 1 page (minimum) reflection on the material. Reflection should contain a summary of material as well as what you as the student learned from the videos. You should also reflect on how the content of the video can help you in your life and ministry.

    • Assignment needs to be turned in by Friday, February 8.

Supplemental Videos

DOWNLOAD THE PDF GROUP DISCUSSION GUIDE Dr. David Grubbs, Houston Baptist University, Christian Humanist Podcast The Bible is a gift from God that announces the good news of Jesus Christ to all of creation. It is also a remarkable book that collects diverse pieces of literature spanning thousands of years and numerous genres.
Episode 2 summarizes the overall story of the Bible as a series of crossroad decisions. All humanity, followed by the Israelites, redefine good and evil and end up in Babylon. They are followed by Jesus, who takes a different path that opens up the way to a new creation.
Episode 3 shows how reading the Bible wisely requires that we learn about the ancient literary styles used by the biblical authors.
Episode 4 explores the unique literary style of the Bible that is meant to draw its readers into a lifelong journey of reading and meditation. The Bible is designed as a multi-layered work, offering new levels of insight as you re-read it and allow each part to help you understand every other part.