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Welcome to Hermeneutics! This will be a foundational class in your future life and ministry as you learn how to read and interpret the word of God which will directly impact application. For more information about the course, visit and enter your student login information to access resources on the Global University website. If you do not have your Student Login information, talk to your Academic Dean. You can also find information in the introductory pages of your textbook.

Throughout the course, there will be supplemental videos covering various aspects of our studies. These videos contain teachings from some of the world’s leading Biblical scholars, most of whom still teach in universities around the world, that have written extensively in books and commentaries. These videos are included for your learning but also so you can begin to build a repertoire of names of authors and theologians that you should be familiar with as you continue your study of the Bible beyond BTCSM.

Below, you’ll find the important dates, times, and information about the class. As always, give it your best and you’ll get the best. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Send us an email at the designated address below or talk to your Academic Dean.

Dates and Times - (*Dates/Times subject to change)

  • 5 week course

  • Jan 27 - March 3

  • The final will need to be completed by Sunday, March 3.

    • Schedule a day to take the exam with your Academic Dean by Wednesday, May 27.

  • Hermeneutics

    • Learn methods and tools of interpreting Scripture

    • Learn about various aspects of language and communication that inform the text

    • Learn about the various forms of context that impact interpretation

    • Learn about the history if Biblical interpretation

    • Learn how to interpret different books of the Bible

The online videos will be greatly beneficial and important for your learning. However, you MUST READ the textbook and be diligent in studying the material if you want to pass the class! Ephesians 5 tells us to, "Make the most of every opportunity," so don't miss out on this season you've been blessed with.

If there are any questions regarding the material or content of what you're learning, feel free to ask in the comment box of the week you are studying, or send an email to Pastor Will