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Week 4 - (May 13-May 19)

Chapters 9-10 overview

  1. The Teachings of Christ
  2. The Kingdom of God


  • Read both chapters. Watch corresponding videos below.
  • Answer all Interactive Questions on a separate sheet of paper and place in your binder.

  • Take Test Yourself quizzes on separate sheet of paper.

  • Follow Weekly Scripture Reading Plan. 

    • Mark 13 - Luke 9 / Psalms 101-107

  • View the videos linked below and write a paragraph reflection in your binder. 
    • What information stood out or was new to you?
    • What were the main points or themes that were highlighted about this section of Luke?
    • In what ways is the message of Luke the same and/or different from Matthew and Mark?

the gospel of luke part 1

Watch our Read Scripture video on the book of Luke, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Luke, Jesus carries the covenant story of God and Israel to its culmination and he announces the good news of God's kingdom to the poor and the rich.

Supplemental Video

I encourage you to watch the following video about what it means to be a disciple and reflect on your present church/Christian experience and formulate how you would incorporate this into your future life and ministry. We watched this video and discussed its content in our on-campus class.

In the Dust of the Rabbi Small Group Bible Study by Ray VanderLaan.

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