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Week 4 - (July 16 - July 22)

Chapters 12-13 Overview

  • Living as Though Jesus Would Come Today
  • Tribulation, the Day of the Lord, and Christ's Kingdom


  • The final exam must be completed by Wednesday July 25, 2018. Please schedule a time between now and then with your Academic Dean to take the exam. 
  • Study guides will be handed out this week.


  • Read each chapter. Watch the corresponding teaching videos on the Global University Website.
  • Answer all interactive questions and place the answers in your binder.
  • Take Test Yourself quizzes on a separate sheet of paper and place in your binder.
  • Follow weekly Scripture reading plan.
    • 1 Corinthians 15-16
    • 2 Corinthians 1-13
    • Psalms 78-84
    • Watch the Scripture video(s) linked below.
  • Watch the video(s) below.
  • Write a 1-2 page summary about the coming Kingdom. You can use the following as a guide or choose your own topic :
    • What is the Day of the Lord? What does the Bible communicate to us that we should expect to happen?
    • How will it impact believers and unbelievers?
    • What should our lives look like in light of this Biblical truth?
    • How do we know we are in the Last Days?
    • How do we know when the day of the Lord is near? Can we predict it?
    • How do we make sure that we are ready, our churches, and those around us?
    • What is Heaven? Are we going there or is it coming here?
    • What is Hope? What do we have to hope for?


The Day of the Lord

Does God care about all of the evil humans perpetrate in our world, and if so, what is He doing about it? In this video, we trace the different ways that God confronts human evil and the even deeper spiritual evil that underlies it.

Heaven & Earth

What does the Bible really teach about heaven, and what is heaven's relationship to earth? In this video, we explore the surprising biblical viewpoint that heaven and earth were meant to overlap, and how Jesus is on a mission to bring them together once and for all.


In the Bible people who have hope are very different from optimists! In this video, we'll explore how biblical hope looks to God's character alone as a basis for trusting that the future will be better than the present.

2 Corinthians

Watch our Read Scripture video on 2 Corinthians, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In 2 Corinthians, Paul resolves his conflict with the Corinthians by showing how the scandal of the crucifixion turns our value systems upside-down.

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