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WEEK 2 - (Sep 24 - Sep 30)

Chapters 3-4 Overview

  • The Holy Spirit is Poured Out

  • The Birth of the Church


  • Read each chapter. Watch the corresponding teaching videos on the Global University Website.

  • Answer all interactive questions and place the answers in your binder.

  • Take Test Yourself quizzes on a separate sheet of paper and place in your binder.

  • Follow weekly Scripture reading plan.

    • Acts 8-14

    • Psalms 119-125

    • Watch the videos on Acts linked below.

  • Watch the Supplemental Videos on the Holy Spirit below.

VIDEOS CLICK TO VIEW MORE VIDEOS & RESOURCES LIKE THIS ONE Acts chapter 2 records the even that birthed the church-the falling of the Holy Spirit of God on his people at Pentecost.